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Ireland. Glendalough which has more to offer.

Glendalough, “the valley of two lakes,” is a popular tourist destination in Wicklow County, just a stone’s throw away from Dublin. If you google Glendalough, you’ll see tons of pictures of an old monastic site with a tall pointed tower, gray roofless buildings, and a graveyard with Celtic crosses. The site, which dates back to the 6th century, is absolutely out of this world. Ancient. Mysterious. Picturesque. But Glendalough has more to offer. In this post, I want to share our 2-day trip to Glendalough (which should have lasted longer!).

First, the monastic site.
A picture is worth a thousand words. Enjoy.

Most tourists come to Glendalough for 30 minutes, walk among the tombstones and leave. But right behind the graveyard are some of the most spectacular landscapes I’ve ever seen. Right behind the graveyard are two lakes located in a valley between two mountain ridges. 

We went up one ridge on the first day and along the other ridge on the second day.

Day 1. The ridge on the left.