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Tallinn off the beaten track

Don't get me wrong, Tallinn has an amazing old town worth a trip by itself. But if you have already been to Tallinn and/or don’t like walking among hordes of people (the old town is teeming with tourists), there are some places off the beaten track you can wander through and enjoy this city. In this post, I want to share my day in Tallinn off the beaten track.

The day started from looking for 41 Vabriku Street, where the writer Sergey Dovlatov lived for 3 years. I needed a picture related to Dovlatov for my other blog, so I thought, “Since I’m here, why don’t I go and take a picture of the commemorative plaque on the house.”

Dovlatov's house turned out to be located in a cute neighborhood, called Kalamaja, with pretty houses and deserted streets. We enjoyed a nice walk there on our way to the next destination.

The next destination was Patarei prison, which I stumbled upon when I was scrutinizing the city map in search of places to visit (I have a penchant for maps). This place…